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Apple EarPods with Lightning Connector

These will be authentic if you buy from the right seller (Shipped and Sold by Amazon). Amazon will always take returns if something is wrong with the item. Please ignore other bad reviews because they don't know what they are talking about. If it is sold by Amazon directly, it is guaranteed to be authentic or get your money back with free returns,On another note, these are apple so don't expect sony quality for the money. You get what you pay for. These are 100% Apple. Just like you would buy at Staples, Best Buy, wherever! They came in the Apple box and was sealed from the manufacturer. Great product, I ordered 4.

JOOLA Tour Table Tennis Table with Quick Clamp Ping Pong Net

I am recreational player and by no means even close to professional. I have never played in clubs and just played at friends’ basement. With that background, I can say that this is THE best table tennis I have ever seen or played on. It is very sturdy, very high quality USATT approved table and net set ready for tournament level play. Table is pleasant to look and gives impression of professional level table to anyone who looks at it. When we opened the box, everybody’s reaction was WOW!!, But, It’s super-heavy. Here is the further summary various aspects of this table;

Design and features:

• Table is high quality, sturdy and tournament ready table featuring thick 25 mm MDF surface. Paining is also quite good. Overall table feels super strong and playing surface is pleasant to play. Table is USATT Approved and produces consistent and good bounce.
• Table is completely fold-able for easy storage. As it is stored vertically, foot print is very less in storage condition. Though there are instructions on folding, I recommend to view quick YouTube videos on folding instruction. Pre-assembled, separable and interlocking halves make this table perfect to store in home. The Table features dual safety locking devices to ensure safety when the table is in both the playing and storage positions
• Net is very impressive and competition grade. The best I have seen so far. Wheels are large 4 inch and highly impressive and best in class.

Transport & Assembly:

Table Comes mostly pre-assembled in two halves. Only thing you need to install is two wheeled leg assembly. It takes about 10 minutes for 2 persons to assemble it. However when it comes to transport I caution you that it is extremely heavy table and you definitely need few strong hands to help you. It is nearly 120 Kgs. I recommend it to unbox it in garage or outside and then carry inside your home or basement in two halves. I recommend at least 3 persons to do it unless you have 2 very strong guys. Do not even think to carry along with your wife. Also pay attention to your proper lifting posture as you might injure yourself. I recommend two persons lifting table half from bottom on each end while one person in middle lifting it from frame guiding the table.


Now, this may not be applicable to everyone, but our table came damaged out of box. Thick metal frame connecting two legs (where JOOLA is written in big fonts) was bent quite a bit. Considering that the manufacturer packaging was excellent and there were clear instruction not to stack anything on top of this, it is clearly seems to be an issue during shipping. I am an engineer and I can tell that it takes huge amount of force to bend that thick plate. And it seems that something very heavy was dumped on top of shipping box. Since I am very old Amazon customer who orders pretty much everything from there and also aware of high quality products Joola manufactures, I know that this is not issue at their end. But just to keep in mind that sometimes choice of shipping service and the way product was handled during shipping reflects business as whole. Since this bent frame did not seem to affect over play-ability, I have decided to live with it and Amazon’s awesome customer service team was able to help me.


This table bridges the gap between recreational and professional play, and works great in homes, offices and even suitable for recreational centers.

The Last Samurai [Blu-ray]

I love this movie for several reasons. The first one is the reminding of the Wooden Knee massacre of December 29, 1980, were something like 150 Lakota American Indians man, women and even children were literally slaughtered by the US army, which is giving so much credibility to the main character played by Tom Cruise, a man destroyed by his guilt for having participated to the killing of those defenceless people. This reminder is also a link from the past and the present of the story where he is offered the invaluable chance of regaining his honor and healing from his wounds. The second reason why I enjoyed this movie so much is the effort from the producers in their attempt to create a story as true as possible of the real destiny and faith of the samurais, which is, as well, adding so much to the credibility of the story itself.

This said, the picture and the landscapes are marvelous and the way they used to live in their country is presented in such a way that you can fell the serenity and the peace that surround them even in this particular trouble time of their evolution under the pressure of our modern world.  


It is a movie that touches the consciousness. It is also a movie of war and peace, of hate and love, and the story of a dying world that will never come back.

On paper this movie is a little silly - a disenchanted white American war hero is recruited by the Japanese government to train soldiers and fight an insurgence of samurai warriors in the 1870's. But as the movie progresses, you begin to fall in love with the characters that are developed in depth and with great detail, and the story they tell is one that encompasses many emotions and subjects. I don't want to spoil anything, but one of my biggest takeaways from this film is the idea of the development of love and appreciation that can be born from something unknown or even feared. Tom Cruise is great in this movie - again, on paper the idea of him playing this character seems a little unfitting, but he does such a good job in this role and I think that's one of the biggest elements that makes the film so good overall. The music is also incredible and is one of the other elements that I think really helps to transport you to the place and time in which it is set. I honestly don't know if there is any historical significance or relevance to the story, but regardless, I highly recommend it!

Chris P. Bacon

Gladiator [Blu-ray]

This English/French bilingual "Sapphire Series" release of Gladiator is the properly transferred film. Please read the complete review from "GameStationDude" on April 2, 2015 for all details - his detailed information was invaluable on me finally buying this film on blu-ray after all the known issues with the previous transfer.

The film does have a certain amount of grain - perfectly acceptable - which I believe is how it was intended by the filmmakers. For any and all blu-ray purchases of old/older movies, I highly recommend visiting to see how the experts rate the audio and video... this was a game changer for me. Currently it's on sale on for $6.88 which is an absolute steal! I purchased it late last year for just over $10. 

One of the best films ever made, if you like action epics with CGI tigers, and I do. There's a lot of hubub about the version of the release on this and I actually bought this as a duplicate thinking it was superior to my other version, but it wasn't and they're all the same. I don't know what the complaining is about and this disc DOES have the regular and extended versions, which took me a while to figure out.   


Camco 43031 RV 10' Sidewinder Plastic Sewer Hose Support

These do a nice job of keeping the regular flow of effluent material continuing on a downward journey towards their eventuality. Helps keep the RV pipe from having unpleasant surprises lying in wait for you when you disconnect. Highly recommended! If you know someone with an RV, buy them these so they love you!

I have to say that I’m quite impressed with this product. I bought it just in the event I needed it. Had an opportunity last fall where I was camping and a site where the sewer was a little higher than the grade that I was parked at. This worked out perfectly for this application which saved so much aggravation. I should have bought this thing sooner, it takes no time to setup, is lightweight and collapses to a small profile, helps ensure no low spots, and reduces the chance of something going wrong. For those of you who have not yet had the pleasure of emtying the tanks on your R.V.(by youself!), the appreciation I have for this little tool may seem misplaced. I love it. Works well, easy to use, there is a little handle that doubles as a "strap" (for lack of a better term) to hold it together. Again, it works slick as s...

BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro OBDII Scan Tool for iPhone & Android

By way of background information on OBD II scanners, in December 2017, I bought a RioRand RS310 to determine the cause of the engine MIL on my 2013 Chrysler Town & Country Limited. I wrote a review of it here, because it didn't work on my vehicle: . The problem with OBD II scanners is that you would THINK they would be universal, but they're NOT, and those who sell them often have no idea whether or not the scanner will communicate with your vehicle. The answer is research: google the scanner, google your vehicle, look at YouTube videos, look for reviews at Amazon and elsewhere in which someone says it worked for them on the same vehicle make, model, and year that you have; otherwise, you're rolling the dice.

I was reluctant to purchase this BlueDriver, mostly because of my negative experience with the RioRand, and partly because it looked "gimmicky" to me. What could a little thing like this do for me, I wondered? Well, I can tell you, this is no gimmick. The free software download to pair with the device, along with their website and the multiple systems it checks on your vehicle, all contribute to a VERY IMPRESSIVE PRODUCT. Check Google, watch the multiple YouTube videos posted by those who have purchased this unit: in use, it's every bit as impressive (and more) as it looks in every YouTube video you'll see. Their website and 24/7 customer support is second to none.

I can't tell you whether or not it will work for your make/model/year of vehicle, but I'm sure if you go to their website and contact them, they will be pleased to tell you. What I CAN tell you, with certainty, is that it worked perfectly on a 2013 Chrysler Town & Country Limited. If you have this vehicle make/model/year, or its sister Dodge Grand Caravan of the same year, this product should perform brilliantly for you.

My advice: when you're preparing to purchase an OBD II scanner, do some serious research before you buy one, or you'll end up with a paperweight, like the RioRand I bought last December.........

BalanceFrom GoYoga All-Purpose 1/2-Inch Extra Thick High Density Anti-Tear Exercise Yoga Mat

Just received my Balance From yoga mat. It was perfectly packed and sealed, no damage to the product and arrived fairly soon (3-4 with normal delivery option, 4 days earlier than expected). It can be used for doing yoga, abs related or any other sort of exercises. Really good thickness as compared to other products, so if you are doing planks, wont hurt your elbolws:) Even the length is really good, I am 5 foot 9 inches tall and it fully covers my length. Its light weight, and can be easily cleaned with a paper tissue/cloth with water/disinfectant on it. Really happy with the purchase and ready to do some crunches on it:). I would really recommend it for any sort of exercises that need a mat.

At the end of every yoga class I think to myself, "Oh, I love this yoga mat"... every single class, without exception. It feels great against my body and cushions my back and knees perfectly. It does seem to leave 'hand' and 'foot' imprints on the mat - but only for a short time - the marks leave the mat quickly, usually by the time I'm ready to roll it up again. I am an older woman (in my 50's) and this is the perfect mat for me.

BENGOO G9000 Stereo Headset for PS4, PC, Xbox One Controller, Noise Cancelling

It seems silly to review socks, but my biggest question before ordering these was thickness. I wear a casual Oxford shoe and jeans to work. Dress socks are too thin, and work socks too thick. I'm really happy with the thickness of these. They are a bit thinner than socks I've traditionally worn, but still much thicker than a dress sock. I'm really happy with the thickness. Other than that, time will tell. New, they feel good and are comfortable at the calf. I won't know for some time how they wear at the heal or how the elastic holds up, but they're socks. Eventually the heal will tear or the elastic will fade. Then you get new ones... right? They're socks. Oh yeah, they're socks with the Dickies brand across the toe... for those who care about such things. Good luck with your investment... (can't believe I just wrote a review for socks)

I've been searching for 2 years to find socks that actually fit my huge and mangled feet. Three times on Amazon I've ordered socks that promised to fit my 13EEEE feet and three times I had to return them. These arrived today and it was with much trepidation that I tried them on. Wow. They fit and they are comfortable. I was so impressed I immediately ordered 3 more. My previous socks were getting to be religious icons (holy). I bought those 2 years before my near fatal accident left me with huge and mangled feet. Thank you so much

Dog Crate

This dog crate is perfectly fine and at a great price, very suitable for a tiny dog. It also works great as a feeding station for birds. We have a huge pigeon population and I got tired of having bird seed eaten in under 2 minutes from these flying vacuum machines. I bent some of the wire to make the holes bigger - a bit hard to do as the cage is very sturdy and put bricks around it as the pigeons can still poke their heads through. Works great, wish I had of thought abut it years ago! I have to brush the snow off once a day, and the tray is easy to pull out and dump. I have since stopped putting seed on the inside brick and just put it on the tray (pigeon could stick his head inside and eat) and surrounded the cage with bricks so now the pigeon's head can't reach the bottom of the cage at all. So glad I bought this cage!

I bought this 42" crate for my German Shepherd puppy when she was 3 months old. The divider was perfect for when she was smaller and was adjusted several times as she grew.

The two door system allows for different crate placement options in the house which is very handy. The hinges are on the left though (seems to be for every crate on the market) which is never in the direction I need. Oh well!

My dog is pretty calm for such a young pup and is not an escape artist. She has never pawed at the door or walls of the crate that we've seen. She has had tantrums in the crate a few times and once somehow destroyed a homemade fitted crate cover from inside the crate while we were out. The cover was shredded but the crate was completely fine.

I purchased my first crate online from wal-mart for my pup, a second one for her sister, and recently a third one from to keep at our second home so we don't have transport it. It is the same product as Wal-Mart, but comes in a different box (and usually ships faster through Amazon).

My pup in the photo is 8 months old and 77lbs. She has plenty of room to stand, sit, and turn around. She goes to the crate on her own and spends most of her time curled on one side.

I reccomend this crate to all my friends with new pups or calm dogs. I can't speak to how effective it is for the escape artist or most pit dogs though.

ChuckIt! Medium Ultra Balls 2.5 inch, 2-Pack

These are the main balls I use to play with my dog now. They don't seem to get damaged by Arwen chewing on them. They throw well, especially with a ChuckIt but also just by hand. They bounce and roll well. The colour makes them easy for me to see. When Arwen returns them she chews them -I can hear the ball squishing as she trots up to me and sometimes she chews for a moment before dropping the ball. No damage or teeth marks but admittedly Arwen-dog (Lab) is a gentle chewer. My only durability comment is that I can see that my oldest ball has faded in colour but that does not seem to have changed its performance (e.g. bounce). Don't bother to try write your name on the ball using permanent marker. It wears off quite quickly and presumably wears off in the dog's mouth. The only other ball I use is a ChuckIt glow whistler for use in low light (e.g. late evening).

AmazonBasics Regular Pet Dog and Puppy Training Pads

I actually bought these for my cat who kept peeing in the same spot by the door if her litterbox wasn't 100% to her liking. I got sick of wiping up pee in the same spot. The pad came in handy a few times already when she decided to do her business on it. The pee was locked into the pad and absorbed completely - full bladderful. I was happy to be able to just throw the pad away and replace it rather than do all the wiping, spraying and rewiping of the spot. Very useful although not a very attractive solution, but I'll take it!

These are good pads however recently the price has gone up by 10 dollars so I must remove a star. Now they are not the cheapest ones out there (you can get cheaper ones elsewhere if you watch for sales). I hope they reduce the price again.

Earth Rated Eco-friendly Dog Poop Bags

The bags are durable & are purrfect for scooping cat litter daily. Trying to find a solution to discard cat litter safely has been a major issue since we only have garbage pickup twice a month in Ontario, Canada. I discovered that cat litter can be discarded safely into green composting bins which are collected weekly, the only stipulation is that you use use biodegradable “earth friendly” bags. The city provides green composting bins and you can have as many as you need. This will significantly help us reduce our need for garbage pickup. The bags are large enough and durable enough to do the job. I use 2-3 bags a day for 3 indoor cats. The only negative is that you are limited to purchasing one box at a time, but the product is on Amazon prime, so there is no shipping cost and you will receive it within 2 days. I will be buying these again, most likely on auto ship once I know exactly how many I use a month. I highly recommend these bags as they are durable and the packaging they come in is eco friendly. In the picture you can see that the bags are double the height of the litter box to give you an idea of size. Happy Scooping!

Bohemian Rhapsody [Blu-ray]

here is so much I could write about this film. I truly adore it, but I will keep this as short as possible. As far as delivery goes, I could not be more impressed. It arrived the day before the DVD was even set to release so I'm over the moon. As for the film itself, I saw it four times at the cinema and knew I had to get it on BluRay. I watched it the night it arrived in the mail and it works perfectly. Very happy with this purchase.

They did take some liberties of the real facts, however as piece of entertainment it works well, one big flaw is the reduction of the Live Aid performance in the movie, in the extra section they show the full performance recreated which in my opinion should have been shown in the movie, its that good, if you never saw queen a Freddie Mercury at their peak which luckily I did then this is a close as you will ever get, get the movie watch the full concert, for me it was worth the price of the DVD on its own.

Power Strip, Anker PowerPort Cube, 3 Outlets and 3 USB Ports with Switch Control

With this all I need to find is one plug and I can power all 6 of my devices.. Comes with 3 outlets and 3 USB A ports. With this power cube I can recharge my laptop, use two charge bricks to fast charge my work and personal iPhones at 18W each, and use the 3 USB ports to connect my headphones, watch and power bank battery. Perfect for those times when you are on the road and need to set up a workspace like in an airport on a layover, board room for a marathon meeting or hotel room at the end of the day.
Comes with a sticker so you can mount it on the underside of a desk, I stuck it to a magnet so I can stick it to a wall to keep it up and out of the way.

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Schroeder & Tremayne Soap Pump Dispenser and Sponge Holder

I thought I was wasting money when I decided to buy this but it's actually been great. I have physical limitations and not having to bend to grab the soap every time under my cabinet has been a huge help. this looks nice on my counter (way better than a bottle sitting there) and is a perfect fit for a silicone scrubber I bought not too long ago.

It's easy to keep clean and doesn't waste soap at all. Way overpriced for what it is but I'm not going to return it because I really love it. For the manufacturers: it sucks that you use that awful sticky tape and place your label right on the side of the product. It looks terrible and it was a nuisance to get off.

I thought I was wasting money when I decided to buy this but it's actually been great. I have physical limitations and not having to bend to grab the soap every time under my cabinet has been a huge help. this looks nice on my counter (way better than a bottle sitting there) and is a perfect fit for a silicone scrubber I bought not too long ago.

It's easy to keep clean and doesn't waste soap at all. Way overpriced for what it is but I'm not going to return it because I really love it. For the manufacturers: it sucks that you use that awful sticky tape and place your label right on the side of the product. It looks terrible and it was a nuisance to get off.

Guardians Of The Galaxy: Awesome Mix 1 (Vinyl)

Good enough quality, really bought it for the nostalgia factor. People that are complaining about the sound should check their play back settings / noise settings / dc offset, etc. Conversely, if the cassette player you are using doesn't have those settings / switches and you are complaining about the sound quality ... not sure what to tell you.

his is a top notch soundtrack and we are very happy we bought it. As part of our wedding festivities next year we are using a record player during the dinner portion and have decided movie soundtracks would be ideal to provide a mix of songs/artists/styles and this made purchasing this album a no-brainer. It has a great selection of songs, all of which we enjoy. I would highly recommend this album.

My only hope is that Vol 2 comes out before our wedding and is as wonderful as this one.

AstroAI Digital Multimeter,

Worked for what I needed it for at a fraction of the price of a pro tool. It doesn't read as fast as a Fluke but it did what I needed. Aldo for those that complained about the terminal ends being covered they are protective covers that slide out the ends. Just pull them out no need to cut anything

This true RMS multimeter is the perfect size for a back pocket and comes packed with all the features I need for electrical work. Accuracy confirmed with another meter that cost me three times as much. Huge display means it can be read from some distance away. Non-slip covering. Auto power-off. Continuity function. Display can be illuminated with the touch of a button and even lets you know with an audible chime. All in all, great value and design that really shines in the field. Had a question, quickly resolved by customer service; they're really on the ball at AstroAI.

3M Littmann Classic III Monitoring Stethoscope,

Pros: The quality is great, the colour of the tubing and chest piece is very pretty looks even better in person, and it's unique amongst my classmates who have mainly black stethoscopes. Breath, and chest sounds sound nice and clear with this stethoscope in my opinion, I'm a paramedic student and needed a stethoscope to hear breath and heart sounds for physical assessment of patients while in potentially loud conditions and this works great to block out outside noises and isolate the body sounds, its comfortable in my ears. The tubing is lightweight (you can easily wear this around your neck for hours without fatigue). The tubing is very flexible, and it's easy to clean with alcohol wipes. Tubing is long enough to comfortably distance yourself from a patient while listening to breath/other sounds. Comes with a 5 year warranty. And the Littmann app membership included with purchase is helpful for studying sounds.

Cons: It's very expensive (I have an MDF one stethoscope that is half the price of this and sounds almost as good, I'd rate the MDF one as a 8/10 and the littmann classic iii as 9/10 sound wise. The major difference for the MDF one is it's a bit heavier, tubing is longer, and stiffer, and it has a double sided chest piece in comparison to this littmann). Also the instructions warn that this tubing colour because its red based will fade or distort if santizied with bleach. Finally, I find the increasing pressure to hear different frequencies chest piece hit or miss, if I push too hard the sound is muted sometimes (I prefer a double sided chest piece with each side designated for different sound frequencies).

Overall I would highly recommend this stethoscope to others. However, if your on a budget consider an MDF one.

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MEETSUN Blue Light Blocking Glasses, Anti Eye Strain Headache

I was a little skeptacale about if the lenses were actual blue light blocking or not but I decided for the price it’s not a big deal if they aren’t. Well I’m glad to report that after testing them in the optical store that I work in that they are in fact blue light blocking so for the price, quantity and quality you can’t go wrong here especially if you are having trouble adjusting to blue light

Just like the pictures. Fits really well and came with cleaning cloth n cover. I particularly love the clear one. Highly recommend getting them. The lens has a slight yellow tinge when you look at them but it's crystal clear when you r looking at the screen. Light weight- cannot even feel it on my face.

it came with 2 glasses, both of them were blue-light glasses. It came with the testing kit, a screwdriver to tighten them, and a wipe. overall im loving them so far, they have really helped me sleep and my dry eyes are feeling much better. With this whole cover thing and a lot of this stuff being online I suggest for you to buy them!!

Tide PODS, Laundry Detergent Liquid Pacs

My go to for years has been Tide. It gets the job done and to me worth the price. No complaints at all about how well it cleans the clothes. The scent I like. I was buying scent free but decided to try this and and am pleased. To me it’s a touch of fruity/citrus. I like the fresh scent that comes out the machine when i open the door of the dryer. It’s not a strong smell on the clothes - I don’t want to wear laundry detergent like perfume haha
My only gripe is the lid. My hands are small and not strong and I can’t open them. I need to get someone to do that. That’s a serious inconvenience and annoyance, I get the kid proof idea but not every household has kids and I wish they would keep that in mind. If you had arthritis which many people do I think you would struggle. grrrrr
There are packages that are soft sided bags which is great but the cost per pod is a lot higher and paying more not for a better product but for an easier opening is not ok.So product is great packaging for some sucks

only used this once. However, I did notice that the packaging, and "child proofing" worked. It took my a few minutes to get it opened! I had to put my glasses on and read the do-dad to get it opened, so I am content that these things will not be eaten by children anymore.
The product overall was a quality item, I used to buy Tide, but stopped because of the negative advertising concerning children accidently opening and mistaken them as candy & eating them. They have passed the test.
Good overall.

OPTIMUM NUTRITION Gold Standard Rocky Road 2lb

I've been using this for YEARS and have ordered over 7 times on typically because they offer the best prices and discounts on this. Recently some of the reviews made me paranoid as they've been saying the product is not authentic. This review may only apply to Canada as this is where I'm ordering from and there may be a different reseller for other countries (such as India, sorry for you guys)

I didn't realize this until re-reading the negative comments on the 5th reorder. Being paranoid I did some research.. It turns out this is indeed authentic, ON has a tendency to change up their labeling based on your region. So the labels might look different.

So far the peoduct has met all the authenticity checks I was able to find online from ON..

- ON Gold scooper with branding logo ( made in USA)
- Bottom Indent of the container
- Protein powder doesn't stick to the inside of the tub
- Doesn't clump when stirred consecutively for 30secs with water.
- Batch number printed in the blue ink (this can vary on the spot printed on the tub)
- Under the cover there's a freshness seal paper like foam that is removable

So based on these points it seems to checkout to be authentic. Plus the taste and the consistency has always been the same between the different flavours I've ordered as well. The powder melts in 30secs with room temp water from just stiring and blends completely.

Hope they continue selling these as they're well worth their weight in gold for those training

EnerPlex Premium Kids Mask 3-Ply Reusable Face Mask

WOW! I'm really impressed with these masks. They're very comfortable, the material is really soft on your face. They look good (as good as a mask can look lol) and most importantly, they work VERY well! I did a match test as soon as they came in. Basically i lit a match, held it right in front of the mask and blew hard in an attempt to blow out the match. I did this 3 times, and 3 times I wasn't able to blow the match out! I immediately bought 2 more sets, one for my Mom and one for my Dad. They fit as the sizing chart says, and they confom nicely to your nose!

These is how a PPE mask should be. Is very comfortable and breathable. The material is soft and I could wear it all day due to the fact that I know it will help and protect me during this time . I meets the CDC requirements that how a mask should be used and build for. The 3 layers protection is great and I did a wet test and truly shows the waterproof on the outer layer how it stops the particles and it least it will stop droplets of someone coughing. High quality indeed and I recommend.

Duracell - Coppertop Aa Alkaline Batteries - Long Lasting

Have you ever used regular Duracell batteries? if so, these are them. If not, have you ever used regular AA batteries from another brand? these are a Duracell branded version of those. If you've never used batteries before; WOW, are you in for a treat! these are electricity you can take with you anywhere! THE FUTURE IS NOW!!! Duracell performs adequately. well enough in high draw electronics, and spectacularly well in light use devices.

If you need a review for Duracell batteries, you must have been living under a rock.
I am 37 years old and I don't recall a time where Duracell didn't exist.

Best Batteries = Either Duracell or Energizer. Mediocre batteries = Everready or as I like to call Neverready... (They are half decent) I think the amazon brand is mediocre too according to reviews. Poor Batteries = Names you never seen before sold at the dollar store.

The Four Winds: A Novel Kindle Edition

I couldn't put this book down. Its left me with vivid pictures as if I'd seen a movie.
This is both a well written fiction , researched and informative ( on many levels) about the hardships of the 1930's during the Depression.
My grandparents went through these times on the Canadian prairies and I could relate to much of this story. In addition it showcases political situations such as how the dark side of capitalism can bring about the rise of other ideologies such as Communistic beliefs. It caused me to research Roosevelt and find the things he started to benefit the poverty stricken. One of the best written and researched stories I've read . I'm already looking for another of Hannah's.

Womens Travel Bags

I bought this bag for swimming. It will fit everything! My large towel, my bathing suit, my toiletries, wallet, headphones, cellphone, journal and more! I love the color, it's cute and a nice shinny pink. I love the fact that I have a zipper part for wet things. That is huge for me. It's lightweight and just simple enough with three zippers, three mesh pockets and a pocket, plus a luggage department. You can adjust the straps you can take off the long strap or put it on it's easily adjustable you can also make your bags smaller on the sides I have pictures of everything that you can take a look at. I definitely recommend this product! 

Tim Hortons Caramel Hot Chocolate

These may not be identical to a French Vanilla straight from Timmies, but that’s what I like about them, these are a little less sweet. I find the trick is to add a teaspoon of the French Vanilla powder also by Tim Hortons to make these a little more creamier & yummy, which is a step I don’t mind doing. The Tim’s in my area also can’t make a decent French Vanilla, they’re always either bland & the powder is all bunched up on the bottom of the cup, or they’re machine is out of order. You can also add a bit of cream, almond milk, almond creamer etc... & it’ll fix the flavour- just get creative

Kicking Horse Coffee

This is an absolute gold mine of a coffee if you prefer darker roasted coffee. I'll break down each element of this coffee out of 5 and give you an idea of what I really enjoyed, and what I found less enjoyable.

Flavor: 5/5 - The beans are not over roasted or under roasted, they have the perfect amount of bitterness without an overstayed after taste. The flavor is very smooth but bold. Some dark roasts often feel too dark to the point where it's harder to get down... even black, I can drink this coffee like milk, the taste is consistent and delicious. To compare the flavor to chains, I would say it taste similar to Starbucks dark roast, but a bit stronger. Overall, the flavor is the most important part of the coffee, and 454 has plenty of it.

Aroma: 4.5/5 - For me, the smell of coffee is what gets me out of bed, and the coffee itself it what get's me out of the door. The coffee smells very faintly sweet, but nothing overbearing. The very subtle flavor in the air is enough to entice you to burn your tongue and is very inviting. The only reason it didn't get 5 stars is because I find the smell fades as the coffee gets colder. In other words, drink it hot.

Bitterness: 5/5 - Unlike Grizzly claw that I find a bit too bitter, this coffee definitely hits the sweet spot. It has the kick that dark roasts have without that back of the throat bitter deposit. I'm a big fan of espresso's and so I would always prefer something a bit more bitter, but for the average joe who finds dark roasts their bitterness cap, it's absolutely perfect.

Beans: 3.5/5 - I always recommend people to grab beans and grind them themselves as I find the coffee always tastes more fresh. In this case, I still believe that, but you'll need to clean your grinder regularly. The beans, as mentioned by many reviewers, are very oily. This is pretty common with dark roasted beans and so it should be expected, but these are a bit more oilier than normal and can oil up the system a bit.

Caffeine/Kick: 5/5 - Generally, dark roasts are supposed to be weaker than medium-light roasts due to the process removing more caffeine. With that being said, however, this coffee still wakes me up the same, if more effectively, than other brands. I'm not sure if it's the flavor that helps me absorb it more, or if the coffee is naturally stronger, but it definitely kick starts my morning at 454 Horse Power.

Presentation: 4.5/5 - I'd argue that Kicking Horse can thank to their success their branding. I absolutely love the packaging. The bag itself isn't necessarily resealable, but their is a little tightening ribbon that allows you to keep the bag relatively closed (no beans will fall out but it's not air tight). I recommend, after grinding the coffee, to keep it in an air tight container to preserve freshness.

Other: 5/5 - The last thing I love about this coffee is that we're supporting a Canadian company. With our sacred Timmies becoming a U.S. citizen, it's important we support our local coffee artisans where we can, especially when their coffee is infinitely more enjoyable than the new Tim's.

Overall, this coffee definitely deserves a 5 star review. I was able to buy this bag for $9.99 on sale, but I would still definitely buy it at $13, and still give it 5 stars. At the original $16 price point I'd likely hold back just because of how often these are on sale (and cheaper in my grocery store at that point), but definitely keep an eye for their sales.

In regards to preparation, I found that, between drip, press (Aeropress) or percolation, the percolated coffee was the best overall. This coffee has plenty of deep flavor tones that can be brought out through percolation that drip/press coffee doesn't. In regards to the other 2, I found that drip tasted almost like a light roast and removed a lot of the bitterness, while the press left a very strong coffee. Of course with pressed coffee, a lot of elements are at play that alter the flavor (time steeping/water temp/press speed) and accordingly, you could adjust it more to your liking. Overall, I found percolation was the best tasting, though I will likely be using the press more often as it's more convenient for me. At the end of the day, all 3 options are fine for a nice cup of Joe, but can be made even better with time/technique.

Happy Brewing!

Audible Audiobook – Unabridged

Unlike most autobiographies, Ms. Obama opens, her heart, her fears, her worries, but mostly her hopes for her family, country and world. While most political memoirs detail behind-the-scene, make-or-break deals, this book details the impact smaller actions can have on the local level. A very useful and timely reminder for those overwhelmed by the daily scourge of bad news. Absolutely loved each and every word. Michelle is so relatable and handled her time as First Lady with such grace. She is an inspiration for all women.

Selfie Ring Light with Tripod Stand & Cell Phone Holder

I apparently bought this while I was a few sheets to the wind and was surprised when it showed up. I am not sure what my plan was for it when my drunk alter ego bought it but it is really good quality and the lighting really does improve the quality of your photos. I am pleased with Drunk Amanda's choices.,So worth the money! High quality, excellent packaging and comes with blue tooth remote which I had no idea about. I’m so happy with this purchase it makes filming videos and doing Facebook Lives so much easier for my business. Highly recommend

TP-Link WiFi Extender TL-WA850RE

My dad was asking me about a device that would boost the signal of his house's internet as the downstairs tenants were complaining that it would drop randomly. My dad was thinking of getting a router but I told him that a signal extender would be a better way to go. I looked around here and found this and felt like it would suit the purpose of extending/strengthening the wifi signal.

It arrived quickly in a nice little box. Inside was the signal extender and a bunch of instruction manuals/pamphlets. I took out the quick setup guide and read it. It said to plug in the extender close to your router. Next you have to press the wps button on your router/modem. You have to press a button on the extender after that. The two devices needed to connect and it was done within 30 seconds. After that a new network was created called "your existing network"_EXT which is the network coming from the signal extender. The password for that network is the same as your original network password. Then you take the extender and unplug it and plug it in somewhere further away. In my case I plugged it into the other living room wall socket as the tenants's basement was located right under that. I told my dad it was on and told him the pass was the same and to tell the tenant. A week later I heard that the tenant was happy as the signal is pretty strong now and no disconnecting either. There are more advanced options to setup the extender as well but this was the basic/easiest one.

Overall, I am quite happy with this purchase. I wanted to extend the wifi so the tenant could get better internet and this device did exactly that. Also, it was plug and play. From opening the box to having the extended network setup took me 5 mins.

SanDisk Ultra Flair USB 3.0 128GB Flash Drive

Good amount of storage for the price and wonderful random read and write performance compared to similar drives. However the drive gets extremely hot to the touch when writing and will thermal throttle down to around 20MB/s write speed. Notice how they never reference the write speed on the product page? That's because it starts at 70-80MB/s, quickly throttles to 40-50MB/s, and then shortly after that throttles to 15-25MB/s. This is unacceptable given the capacity of the drive, it takes ages to actually transfer something large to it.

Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer,

O-M-G! I have contemplated trying this many times before but end up getting discouraged because I have had no good experiences with drug store brand concealers in the past, they either don't cover enough or are thick, cakey and dry. I can usually only use high end concealers and sometimes even with no luck those. I decided oven the holidays to give this a try because it was on for a great price here on Amazon. Let me tell you-- I am sold on this product now and will be purchasing again. I couldn't believe how well it worked and i do have dark circles under my eyes, and the fine line/wrinkle factor starting to happen since I am approaching 40. This covers dark circles or discoloration very well with just a little product, it is creamy... but very light at the same time so did not settle into my fine lines, and did not end up chalky, cakey or dried out hours later. I highly recommend this product, you will put it on in disbelief that such a lighter product will actually give you coverage, and you will end up shocked and sold just as I was, highly recommend!

Seiko Men's SNK807 Seiko 5 Automatic Blue Canvas Strap Watch

I've bought several of these now. They exceeded my expectations, considering what I paid. They have been through a few months of wearing and washing, and no noticable pilling, fading, or shrinking. They have a metal zipper, and metal rivets on the drawstring holes. The drawstrings, fabric weight, and overall style of them are unremarkable. This hoodie probably won't be your favourite one, but it will be in regular rotation. A solid purchase. Cant go wrong for that price!

Amazon Music

Loved that music is included in my prime membership. Kinda disappointed that I still had to pay another $8 a month just to get new releases music. Which is why I cancelled it. I thought it was another annual fee

Sony DVPSR210P DVD Player (Progressive Scan), Black

I have purchased two of these DVD players and they are great! The first one was for the younger kids’ tv, and we ordered a second one for our oldest daughter after buying a cheaper Sylvania player that was frustrating to use. We returned that one because we couldn’t get it to play certain dvds.
My daughter’s favourite feature is that her Sony remembers where she stopped watching and allows her to restart a DVD from that spot without fast-forwarding. Some cheaper players don’t even have an option to skip forward, which is annoying.
We definitely recommend this Sony DVD player!

Pampers Baby Wipes Sensitive Perfume Free 8X Refill Packs

Have been using these wipes since my son was born. This is what the hospital used and I've been using it since. They are soft, fragrance free and strong. They don't rip very easily unlike the other competitors. I was given a sample of huggie wipes and these are far superior. My son doesn't have sensitive skin but I wouldn't purchase any other type. I even use them to wipe his hands when soap and water aren't in reach. Great value and fast shipping, thanks Amazon.

LATT Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Touch Free

Convenient soap dispenser! this dispenser is excellent for soap as well as gel alcohol, it is light weigh yet very strong and simple to set up on the wall, I love that since it is large I do not have to refill it as often, also it works with batteries, so I got the rechargeable ones , however I had it going for months and I did not have to change the battery yet! this si very nicely built and looks great with all decor!

PALADA Men's Digital Sports Watch Waterproof Tactical Watch

Purchased for my husband who’s a gym teacher. He needed a large watch with a stopwatch function. He wanted a watch that was insanely easy to use, and that had larger numbers so he could quickly determine the time with a quick glance. All of these demands, and we didn’t want to spend a fortune on something he’s only wearing for work.

Well, this watch did not disappoint. It’s perfect in every way for just what he wanted and needed. At a quick glimpse, he can tell the date, time, and day. The stopwatch function is quick and very accurate. The backlight function makes the watch even clearer and easy to ready in low light situations.

Just an FYI for potential buyers, there isn’t actually a compass! It’s just more for that sporty look (which we were aware of before buying and completely fine with it).

It shipped quickly and arrived by the guaranteed shipment date. The box was significantly damaged on arrival (blame on Canada Post), but the watch was unharmed!

Zinus Upholstered Diamond Stitched Platform Bed in Dark Grey, Queen

read the reviews before purchasing and thought, wow 55+ people raving about this. Got to buy it.
The pieces are all tucked neatly inside the headboard. It comes with all the tools you need to assemble. I wanted something I could do myself (I don’t ever build furniture) and it only took me 37 minutes from start to finish. The directions are very easy to understand the the hardware was very sturdy (ie no stripped screws). There is velcro that holds the slats in place.
My mattress is a bit higher than I would have liked as it takes away from the headboard, but it looks so great. You could store your millions of dollars in the back of the zippered headboard, too. I will definitely be buying more Zinus products in the future. Excellent quality for a great price. I paid $246 for a king. Buy it now, if it’s available that is!

UPDATE 29 SEPTEMBER 2018: This bed is amazing. I moved houses with it, all the pieces fit nicely in the headboard and it was easy to set up again. I have a cat, and she hasn't made any claw marks - good craftsmanship. 5 stars all around!!

(Shipping, now this isn’t the manufacturers fault, but I ordered on Amazon Prime, Feb 13 and I was to received it Feb 19-21. I contacted them after the date and am told it’s sold out but I would get it as soon as it comes in. It was shipped overnight on March 1 and I received it March 2. Worth the wait!)

Microsoft VGY-00001 Surface Laptop 3 – 13.5" Touch-Screen

Love this laptop. It runs quick and the keyboard is a dream to use - my biggest complaint with most laptops is the keyboard. More importantly, it runs smooth and boots up really fast. I've multitasked with no issues (nothing intense though - not really gamers). The touch screen is responsive.

The laptop really wins in looks- the colour is gorgeous. Love the metal, it feels as lovely as it looks. It opens quite easily as well, doesn't lift off the table when using one hand.

Surface products are awesome, and well worth the money.

Nature's Blossom Bonsai Tree Kit

To take a sampling and prune it to a bonsai is one thing whereas to nurture from a seedling is creating and nurturing a baby.
This product provides with all the tools to create the saplings and here are my notes:
1. The product is well worth it for the plant species provided
2. The instructions are only till the germination and not about bonsai at all. Once the plants germinate, you are on your own and have to rely on other sources.
3. The soil disks are great compact forms but break very easily and once they do, becomes very difficult. I advise to not use a big bowl but a smaller bowl and not too much water for them to expand. In the art of bonsai, patience is a virtue and they expect from the moment you make the soil ready.
4. Once the seeds are soaked for 24hrs, the seeds promptly germinated for me. (I only did three pots as I lost one soil disk)
5. to prevent mould:
a) place the pots where air gets circulated
b) do not let stagnant water anywhere. I did put the pots on a "bounty" tissue and within 2 days, I could see signs of mould. I immediately removed the tissues and all was well since. I did spray some puffs of diatomaceous earth on the outsides of the pots
c) do not over water the seeds. they say keep the soil moist but not saturated.
The picture was taken 2 weeks after planting the seeds. Surprisingly fast growth. The P. aristata seems to be thriving in Canadian weather; also surprising considering it is a gymnosperm and evolutionarily backward.

Boss Gifts "Tears of My Staff Travel" Coffee Mug

Gifts for Bosses - Travel Coffee Mug/Tumbler 20oz"Tears of My Staff" - Funny Idea for Worlds Best Boss, Men, Women, Him, Principal, Female, Bosses, Office, From Employees, I sent this cup to my boss for “Boss’s day” and she was in tears laughing, she thought it was the greatest cup ever! Highly recommended, she has it every day in our meetings! SUPER FAST delivery. I was not expecting her to get this until 2-3 days after but somehow they made it happen and she got it right on time!!

Silver Buffalo FRD20133 Friends Central Perk Logo Ceramic Soup Mug

This is my absolute favourite cup so pretty especially if you’re a friends fan like me this is one merchandise item that you need to have and it’s huge it is so awesome I feel like I’m sitting in the coffee shop with them

Seiko Men's SNK807 Seiko 5 Automatic Blue Canvas Strap

Excellent everyday watch - it’s automatic, has day/date, has decent lume, is easy to read, is simple yet stylish and has useful numerical markings on the dial. The included blue strap is okay but after a while you’ll get sick of seeing blue everywhere. Put on a brown leather strap and it will look amazing - reminds me of wearing blue jeans with brown leather shoes.

Top Dad | Funny 80s Father Humor Movie Gun 1980s Military Air Force Men T-Shirt

Better quality than expected and husband says it’s super soft and comfortable. Fits as it should. He also loves that it’s a nice reference to his favourite movie and little human :)

PAW Patrol, Chase’s Patrol Cruiser Vehicle with Collectible Figure

I purchased for my grandson. Rocky is his favourite member of the Paw Patrol. He is very happy with it and plays with the them a lot.
While I'm glad he is pleased I was a little disappointed in the weight/sturdiness of the vehicle. He is not hard on his toys but with some children I could see parts of the vehicle breaking easily. The Rocky figure is sturdy and well made.

EPAuto 1/2-inch Drive Click Torque Wrench

Very easy to dial in your torque and the bar length is perfect so you don't need a lot of force to reach your torque. I tested it at a friends garage up to 200 pounds and it works great and is accurate along side his really expensive one. I only need it for 130 pounds torque for my tire change over in the summer and winter. Definitely recommend especially at this price

Umbra Skinny Trash Can

This is exactly what I wanted. It slides in perfectly in that slim space between my toilet and sink (and between toilet and wall) for a discreet, tucked away garbage can that isn't in the way, and doesn't draw attention to itself. I was tempted to buy one of the fun colours, but I purchased two in white (one for each of my washrooms) so that it blends in with the rest of the white decor (I mean it's garbage - I don't want it to be the focal point of the space. lol). You could use it with a bag inside for easy garbage removal, or if you want to be slightly more enviro-friendly, you can use it without a bag and just rinse it out from time to time. It's plastic and cleans easily.

SimpleHouseware Mesh Desk Organizer with Sliding Drawer

Love this organizer for my desk!! Was easy to assemble, did not require any tools (just your handy dandy digits), and holds lots of different office supplies that would otherwise be shoved in a drawer or scattered across my desk. Only reason I rated it a 4/5 was because the file holder attachments came a little bent although it was nothing I couldn’t straight out with my hands. I have not tested it with more files on the top, but as it is, it’s pretty sturdy. I especially like the little clip on feet at the bottom, raises it up a little off the desk and keeps it from scratching. All in all, a great purchase! :)

HP 63 Black Original Ink, 2 Cartridges

We recently bought this cartridge as a replacement. We're happy with it. -It was easy to install in our HP printer -The printing quality is as good as it was before
-it is long lasting, Highly recommended product.It's like any other printer ink. Overall, all printer ink is overpriced by so much it's absurd. Nothing special here, and the print quality only stays good for a bit of time. You can tell when the ink is at even just half because the quality starts to go down already. Would not buy if I didn't have to. But I have a cheap HP Printer that needs this. At least it's cheaper than at brick and mortar stores!

Bedsure Satin Pillowcase for Hair and Skin

Silk pillowcases tend to help you on two fronts: keeping your hair shiny and keeping your skin from getting weird wrinkles and marks you would get from a traditional pillowcase. I recommend this two pack even if you only have one pillow because then you get the bonus of having multiple pillowcases that you can switch out of which can help for people who sweat a lot at night so they have a backup pillowcase. Definitely notice my girlfriend's hair stays shinier for longer, and she enjoys not waking up with weird fold marks on her face that she would get from traditional pillowcases.

Dash Mini Maker

As a home cook who spends at least 3 hours everyday in the kitchen and reads extensively on food, restaurants, and cuisine, you could say I've developed enough knowledge to be sceptical of anything that claims to bring you happiness for less than $15. Especially when professional chefs and reviewers recommend alternative products in the same category that are 10-30x the price, pointing to the other machines’ abilities including (a) making many waffles at once (b) getting a crispier result (notes below on how to do so with this machine!). However, I must say this product has been a spark of light to evolve my jaded ways though, I couldn't be happier with it!

I first saw it on sale at Sur La Table for $15 but since I didn't want to pay the costs of S&H to Canada, I decided to look for it elsewhere and saw it here on Amazon for $15. I try not to buy appliances no matter how big or small if I don't see a use for them but I made a special exception with this one because it was so damn small, AND CUTE! Not to mention that the more expensive machines, while wonderful if you have the space for it in your kitchen, can't make teeny tiny cute waffles like this. The size reminded me of the delicious waffles we get at a famous Belgian restaurant in Vancouver that serves theirs with sides of decadent sauces (dark chocolate, orange fig marmalade, white chocolate pistachio rose water) so I thought yes, I'm going to do it.

It heats up quickly (in a few minutes) and cooks the waffle in about 3-4 minutes (depending on your batter). As the professional pastry chef Stella Parks writes about in her articles about waffles, the key is to not fill the batter all the way to the edges so that you leave room for the batter to expand and get fluffy (instead of compress and get gloppy / soggy). The whipped egg whites many recipes suggests, Stella says is not necessary if you leave enough room and your batter has enough moisture from the liquids (which most basic recipes do from its milk or water) to activate the explosive reaction. While I wasn't able to get it to crisp up in the waffle maker because the tiny guy couldn't generate enough heat, I was able to assist the waffle in browning by adding a tiny pinch of baking soda (another trick of Stella's) and finishing the mini waffles off in the oven at 350°F naked on the rack for 3-5 minutes just to crisp up. You could argue it's a fuss, to make another step but the truth is if you need the machine more than once to make more than one set of waffles (no matter what machine you're using), you need to keep the waffles warm anyways, so to me it's not an extra step. That is if you even care about having crispy waffles. I know some people who like their waffles soft instead of crispy.

There isn't a way to get around making one waffle at a time, except that for our meal, I make all the waffles first and put them in the oven so that they're ready to go. To be honest, if you're in such a rush when you cook and when you're in the kitchen, there's a bigger question you have to ask yourself: in the presence of an opportunity to learn and enjoy, through the path of mastery, why are you in such. a. damn. rush?! Like the Buddhist masters say, if you rush here, you probably rush there, you probably rush everywhere!

Expo 2 Low-Odour Dry Erase Markers

I’d love to give 5 stars but this order came with a dry purple marker. The rest of then markers work great, but I can’t overlook one of them coming completely dry and unusable. On a visual inspection it looks like the purple one was switched out of the package as it is missing manufacturing markings that every other marker has (purple is left in the picture, one of the others on the right. Purple is missing “made in USA” marking).

FurArt Credit Card Wallet

Awesome wallet, I've been using the same traditional leather wallets for all my life but lately I realized I never really carry any cash, it's all plastics, these days it's freaking cards for everything!
So this little wallet is perfect for me, it actually holds more card that I need right now so there's still some room.
I'm also liking the RFID blocking feature and the see through ID holder in the back of the wallet.
Really nice design, feels solid and the zipper is very smooth
I've been using it for about two weeks now, and I get a lots of compliments how nice it is.
Overall I would recommend this wallet to anyone 100%

UZI Defender UZI-TACPEN2 Aircraft Aluminum Tactical Pen with Glass Breaker

Really neither good nor bad. While it is well made, and strong construction. Pen works but the design is not as practical for self defense purposes as would initially appear. It is not designed in a manner to be easy to grasp while used, has impractical layout in terms of edges and such, and does not seem to me to be something that will actually serve any function but that of a sturdy normal pen.

Knots Coffee Mug

Secret Santa gift. Recipient loved it and remarked how unusual it is. Arrived next day after ordering . Very happy with purchase would buy again

Galaxy Rose Artificial Flower Rose Colorful

I was impressed when i got my item. It’s beautiful and it’s elegant. I was so gentle with it because I was scared to damage it. It came in a very nice and sturdy packaging. It’s a really nice gift for anyone and it comes in various colours. I think it’s something nice and different to have in someone’s home. I love when the light hits it you can see all the fine details on the rose. It’s so amazing to see it’s an actual rose your holding.

Candle by the Hour 144-Hour Candle

I use this as a bedtime candle to reduce blue light so I can go to sleep more easily during nighttime. The candle stand feels like it was just thrown together, not as high quality as it looks in the pictures. However the beeswax candle is very nice. It burns slowly and creates a pleasant atmosphere. The coiled wick lasts a long time as advertised.


This made such a perfect birthday gift did a candy loving friend. Although difficult to eat in its entirety the photos that they got with this dude were awesome and there was plenty of delicious gummy bear to go around the party!!

LG 55UN7000 55" 4K UHD Smart LED TV

  • Full HD (1080p) Resolution: Full high definition (1080p) resolution for excellent detail, color, and contrast

Label Maker

  • Label on the go with a rechargeable, handheld printer or customize labels with fonts and graphics on your computer through PC or Mac* connection

Cooper Sunglasse

My frends really like this sungless due to it has  great quality,100% UV protection,Plastic lens, very good shape, look sleek and awesome. The polarized lenses definetly save people from the blistering sun rays and do not fatigue your eyesight from the brightness. Really comfortable to wear as well. These are for those with a small to medium sized face.  they fit great.

RockDove Men's Original Two-Tone Memory Foam Slipper

This would have been a 5 star because they are super comfortable, but I’m a little disappointed in how much they stretched out. I’ve had them about a week and have worn them for several hours each evening. In that time, they’ve gone from a nice snug fit to very loose on my feet- almost too loose to walk in. I’m going to look up washing instructions and hopefully they’ll shrink back down.

Let me emphasize though, they are SO comfortable. Stretched or not, I’m very happy with them and will continue to wear regularly!

Ordered these slippers and was very surprised at the comfort and quality of them. Sizing is in English, American and E.U. A tip if you order the English size 9 is to get the American 9 1/5, the fit is better and if you have a broad foot like mine they are perfect. I was surprised at the quality of these slippers, the foam over the top of the foot is very comfortable and the rubber sole looks hard wearing.. When walking in them they don1 flip flop like others of this type and l would recommend these slippers both for quality and fit.

Xbox Series X

  • Introducing Xbox Series X, the fastest, most powerful Xbox ever. Play thousands of titles from four generations of consoles-all games look and play best on Xbox Series X.
  • Experience next-gen speed and performance with the Xbox Velocity Architecture, powered by a custom SSD and integrated software.
  • Play thousands of games from four generations of Xbox with Backward Compatibility, including optimized titles at launch.
  • Download and play over 100 high-quality games, including all new Xbox Game Studios titles like Halo Infinite the day they release, with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (membership sold separately).*
  • Xbox Smart Delivery ensures you play the best available version of your game no matter which console you're playing on.

Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler

I have exactly same one as black color I  was brought form amzon half years before, it is very good I used every day, so I recommend it.  absolutely love this mug. I had the smaller one with the handle which doesn’t fit in the car. This one fits perfectly and I love the lid which has the switch to cover/uncover. I was a little skeptical buying this on amazon thinking it would be a fake cheap version of yeti, but it’s the real deal. I’m incredibly happy with this purchase!!! Keeps my iced coffee cold for hours.

Indoor Thermometer Humidity Monitor

one of neightbors provide the below comments to support it is very good one

 I bought three of these monitors to assess these conditions. The first thing I did was to enclose them in an transparent, air-tight container with three other humidity monitors that I have been calibrating for years. I put the container next to the room thermostat and noted the readings 8 times over the course of 30 hours. I opened the container twice to let in air with a new humidity. Here’s what I observed:

1. The readings stabilized within about an hour or two after each time I opened the container.
2. The 3 new monitors agreed with each other to within about 0.5 °F and with the thermostat reading. This is more than good enough for me to use to assess the uniformity of the temperatures in the different rooms of my new heating zone.
3. Their humidity readings agreed with each other to within 1% RH. That’s excellent – but possibly inaccurate.
4. Comparing the humidity readings with my careful calibrations of the other humidity meters, I concluded that the humidity readings of these new monitors are about 2% higher than the true humidity – at about 42% RH. That is excellent.

Comfort Seat Cushion

This is a wonderful cushion! While using on a soft surface (memory foam) I would place on a feather pillow (cause memory foam pushes back, and that hurts). Feather pillow provides a soft cushion which doesn't push back. However on an office chair it is pure heaven and with no pain it allows the injury to heal. I wish I'd found this pillow sooner, it's worth every penny.

I found this to be a great product, of superior design and quality, backed with a exceptional guarantee. I purchased two of these seat cushions as gifts, and were very well received. I highly recommend this product to anyone with tailbone or sciatic pain. I also highly recommend this seller, as each of my orders arrived on time and on excellent condition, and the seller took the time to follow up with me regarding my satisfaction with the product.

Water Filter for Hiking

Works perfectly! I drank water where I could see the beaver poop in the lake and never got sick! I would be nice if it could connects to a pump to be able to drink powered drink! It's pretty easy to drink using this straw but you need to suck harder than on a regular straw.

Also, if you ever find that it's really hard to drink in it, just blow all the water out of the straw and start drinking again. It gets really hard to drink from the straw if you accidentally enter air inside.

An essential part of your travel pack. Might it be in foreign countries or in the wood, the LifeStraw gives you that security that you are drinking clean water. I use it wherever I travel. These were replacement for the one I had which came with the L:ifestraw bottle. The new one, which is what I got, also can be ordered with charcoal filters. Nice when you want to remove taste as well. Very good product. Well recommended

Travel Umbrella

I really like this umbrella! It opens very smoothly, and closes with enough force to shake off a lot of the water. In general the water beads of this umbrella a lot better then other umbrellas I've owned, so I'm not dripping water everywhere I go. It also feels like it has a really good build, and with a lifetime warranty, you can be certain it's built to last! Great umbrella!

Overall it is a fantastic umbrella! Living in a rainy part of the world, I've owned plenty of umbrellas, but never of this quality. It has a very sturdy metal frame, a comfortable, thick rubber handle, and it opens up at the press of a button! The customer service for this product has been superb, as well - very happy with my purchase overall.

Voluminous Original Mascara

One of  my friends proivde below comments to me:
This is the best mascara I have ever used and I’ve never bought a bad tube. I’m beyond fussy with my mascara and having a monthly beauty bag subscription, I have gotten to try a huge variety of extremely expensive mascaras that you would buy in boutique stores, none even come close to this very reasonably priced, department store mascara. It goes on very smoothly, doesn’t leave any clumps but still provides dramatic effects with two coats(two coats for me looks almost like falsies) and a still beautiful and noticeable effect even after just one (I use it for a more natural, daytime look to enhance my natural features in a more subtle way). It didn’t dry too quickly, so it’s easy to build that second coat but was dry within 5 minutes, so it didn’t smudge or run. I’m a server and have used this mascara before working a 12-hour shift that involved a massive amount of running around and physical activity and it never smudged or gave me the dreaded, raccoon eyes! As a server, I rarely or sometimes never get to check my face in a mirror during service so this is so vital to me! The funny part is; my mom used to be a professional makeup artist 35 years ago or so, and L’Oreal voluminous mascara(they often slightly change the wording, but that’s what this line of mascara is a part of) is always one of two that she has always recommended to me(since I was 13, I’m 33 now and she’d been using it since probably being a teen, definitely by the time she was 20, so a very long history with this mascara). The other staple mascara is maybelline great lash, for the curious.

This was a really detailed review, for those that find it too long to read; this is simply the best mascara you will buy at any price. I’ve used products that were 10 times the price and this is at least 10 times better! I always go back to it because it’s consistently given the best results. Buy this mascara, thank me later.



Cordless Rechargeable Hair Clippers, Hair Trimmers

Ordered this to replace my 10 year old plug-in hair trimmer, the one I brought from china and use the 220 v outlet so I need to prepare another small transformer to covert it to 110 v. I really hadn't realized how loud and dull my old trimmer was until this one arrived. Super-quiet -- my wife cuts my hair, and comments every time on how quiet it is, and how much nicer it is than the old one. I use it to keep my goatee short, and the 2.0mm setting with no guard is perfect. I wasn't sure about the rotary length adjustment, but it's great.

I gave it a full charge upon arrival, and have now had 4-5 haircuts and dozens of goatee trims, and it hasn't needed a recharge yet.

In addition, I must comment about the excellent quality of the seller. Far too many third-party sellers have been nagging me to provide reviews, and when I write anything less than a 5-star, they want me to remove it. This is not the case with Woner -- they did send a couple of polite follow-up emails with hints and tips (useful ones too, like how to remove the blade). Even better, they told me that they'd had a few units ship with a missing accessory or two, and wanted to confirm that I've received a complete set. I had, but they still extended the warranty by an extra 6 months as a goodwill gesture. Again, no soliciting for reviews whatsoever.

Payback very fast after serveral times hair cut and also great to save your time when you go to outside for the air cut. strong recommend to you.

Aquarius Water Flosser

One of my friends brought one and recommend to me:

Bought this on sale during Christmas time and can't be happier with the purchase. It's got really good design and very easy to setup and use. It comes with a variety of different tips that are color coded so my wife and I can both use it without worrying about accidentally use each other's tip. You can adjust the power of the water stream to fit your need and it can get really powerful. I usually set it to level 6-8 and my teeth feel very clean everytime I use it. The tank will last me 2 flossing sessions and it's very easy to be removed from the unit to refill and clean. We are very happy with this purchase and it's an absolute worth to have one. Overall, the product works great, and is easy to use. I haven't noticed any leaks anywhere on the product, and, after a couple weeks of use, it still works great. 

Electric Toothbrush

This item arrived very quickly, so I was very pleased right off the bat. Comes in a nice packaging, with the USB charger, the toothbrush, heads, and a plastic cover for the head. The plastic cover is a great add-on for traveling (but I use it in my bathroom too, it's just cleaner). I was looking at a number of electric toothbrushes, but for the price of this one compared to others, it's a great buy and I would highly recommend it.

I've had this product for a little over two weeks now, and I brush several times a day for 4 minutes at a time. I have some mild OCD, and while my teeth come out relatively clean at the 2 minute mark (with sensodyne) I prefer a four minute brushing to really get ALL the plaque. If I use arm and hammer toothpaste, the 2 minute timer works great. The nice thing about the timer is the 30-second increment feature. So far I havent had to charge the toothbrush yet brushing for 8 minutes a day (about 16 days of battery use so far).

So far I've used this toothbrush on the White and Clean modes. I'm sure all the modes work for their intended purpose, but I find the clean mode the best.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon

I buy thinkpad carbon 1 5th generation, 2 years ago, the price is higher than 7th generation at that time, after two years operation, I really like thinkpad, it is operation very good, I buy the sliver color than black color, the battery is last very long about 7 hours, it can be used, at begining of this year, my laptop has a attacked by virus, the windows can't running anymore, I access lenovo website and download the start up software then formate my laptop and restall the software, anything is back to normal, the laptop is quit and no any issue, I also like the figure print to login. so buy it even it is slightly expensive than another one, but it is worth to do

One-Step Hair Dryer

Here is one of my friends told me how to think about this product 

I have very intense curly hair- imagine a cabbage patch doll having a child with side-show bob (my hair would be very similar) it’s shoulder length, dry, fine, curly- but I have a ton of it. This tool just blew my mind- from wet to dry and so straight and soft in less than 20 minutes!!! I thought everyone that reviewed it was lying- they weren’t.... they weren’t at all!!! Don’t tell my husband but doing my hair today and having these results almost made me happier than the day we got married. YOU MUST BUY THIS!!!!

Phone tripod

Here is my feeling after I purchased this one 

I was looking for a simple tripod that would sit on my desk and help me use my iPhone to do training videos for an online course in development.

This tripod with the adjustable clap for my iPhone and attaches to the tripod is incredible. Having the Bluetooth remote for both Apple and Andriod is a great feature, and the ease in which to use is fantastic.

For under $20 delivered in two days; has met and exceeded my expectations.

If you are looking for a simple, lightweight tripod for your desktop with multiple claps for not only your smartphone but your digital camera, this is the one.

Waterproof Barbecue Gas Grill Cover

One of my neighbor  to buy this cover from amazon, then he told me his feeling:

"Fits my 55" Canadian Tire BBQ perfectly, even though the cover is supposedly 2" less deep than my BBQ. My previous cover went to the ground and the bottom frayed badly from moving in the wind; this is better, as is stops above the wheels. The fabric appears to be more fade and crack resistant than my old Cuisinart cover. I don't often give 5-stars off the bat, but the combination of quality and price warrants in this case. I'll update if this is not so."

He also provided update after the summer time:

Update: This cover made it through our hot, dry summer (semi-desert) with flying colours. No fading, no rips or tears. It still looks new. he will update in the spring if anything untoward happens in the winter at Calgary

Electric Pressure Cooker

So far we've cooked goat curry, chicken curry, and fancy rice in this pot. Everything turned out way better than using traditional pots or the rice cooker. The meat gets so nice and soft, and the curry gets deep inside the meat and bone for savory flavors.

My wife loves the fact she can simply set it and forget it. No more checking back every few minutes to stir and make sure nothing's boiling over onto the range. Instructions were easy to follow and get started. We have enough flexibility to customize the settings.

It's very quiet. It does produce a fair bit of steam near the end of the cycle, so you'll want to position it near a vent. Takes about an hour to cook what we've tried so far, but you can cancel near the end if you need to. Our first 2 batches did get stuck some food stuck on the bottom of the pot. It was easy enough to wipe off with a soft sponge. Newer batches haven't gotten stuck at all, likely because we figured out the right timings.

Gaming Headphones

The Item came fast and the packaging is in good condition this the advantage of being prime member in amazon you can get your order in a short time which is good especially this COVID-19 season giving gift to someone and get it fast by amazon prime.. well so happy with the head set Its actually gift to wife and son, we both playing mobile legend and I'm happy this one is compatible to her Android phone I know she gonna like it cause I try it first to make sure there's no problem with the Item and its really comfortable to used nice volume control and 120° rotate for microphone and I think this one is durable like its takes 5-10 years to used and also I was really loved the design is really cool with LED lights on both side you can wear anywhere cause like I said its really comfortable to wear if you dont know how to used it just take a look for a manual its easy to understand the instruction also it comes with Y splitter too and I got a give away USB cords hahah hope my sister in law gonna like it this christmas 😊 fantastic headset and highly recommended.

Reusable Face Mask

This is highest rating of masks I found at amazon website, one of customer comments like this:

"WOW! I'm really impressed with these masks. They're very comfortable, the material is really soft on your face. They look good (as good as a mask can look lol) and most importantly, they work VERY well! I did a match test as soon as they came in. Basically i lit a match, held it right in front of the mask and blew hard in an attempt to blow out the match. I did this 3 times, and 3 times I wasn't able to blow the match out! I immediately bought 2 more sets, one for my Mom and one for my Dad. They fit as the sizing chart says, and they confom nicely to your nose!"


Battery Charger

I used a lot of battery between AA and AAA, so I decided to buy a rechargeable batteries which can charge both AA and AAA battery in the same time, finally I found one at Amazon, EBL is very good one I found, based on below factor 

  1. This EBL 808 charger can charge both AA and AAA battery 
  2. The charger can detect improper input voltage, defective or non-rechargeable batteries and provides good protection against over short circuit
  3. AC 100-120V 50/60Hz input and 2.4V DC output ensure quick charges
  4. UL certified batteries with upgraded battery core. 

        Then I put it in my cart and order it, after one weeks, I received  it then I put the battery to the charger,  it take about 2 hours to the fully charged, the indication light change form yellow to green, that means it is fully charged , it is really realiable and safe to use, strongly recommend you have one like this to save money instead of buy normaly battery. two type of chareger is really help me. 

Phone Charger

I was looked at charger for my cell phone, here is some good factor to attact me,  I like it:

  • Advanced Power Delivery 3.0- USB
  • Fast Charging
  • Travel Ready
  • Universal Compatibility-
  • Superior Safety

 It is free delivery after I put order on, 1 weeks later I got it.

The Missing Princess

The book wrote by my firend in Calgary, here is the beganing of the book:

The people of Selena are only 2 inches tall when they are full grown. They used to travel through magic doorways into the human world. There they would be chased and hunted for presumably being magical. They were called fairies, leprechauns or gnomes. Fearing for their safety, the people in Selena decided to lock the doors to the human world and never return.Hundreds of years have passed and a young Princess Juliet is about to trust the wrong person. One evening she’s kidnapped from her home and family. Taken to the last place she ever expected, she finds herself captive in the human world, looking for a way home.

It is really worth take time to review it

Electric Grinder

I try to find a grinder for wife use at kichten, it must be Simply use,  and included transparent Cover to  observe the grindering process and get coarse or fine powder, Stainless Steel also important,  multifunctional grinder, applicable for cereal, beans, seasoning  low noise motor is another factor I am looking for, the one I purchased is really good for use

After received from I order it, it take three weeks shipped from China, but the wait time is vaulable, my wife immedately put some pepper to test, it is working as we are looking for. 

Wireless Mouse

The mouse is a best deal at amazon, the price is reasonable and includes recharageable battery, remote and wireless, the shape is good and different color can be select, I order it online and get the mouse next day, after three month I used, it is really good, I like it and strong recommend it

On night time when I sheep, then I connect the recharge cable with my laptop to charge the mouse, never have no problem, the old one I need to change batter every month.